if you wish to find an appropriate wedding venue, the idea is to start searching, but it can be overwhelming. Most wedding couples already know where they want to get married, as well as some guests based on the specific budge.

It is vital to start visiting venues and check things such as liquor licenses, rental, staffing fees, additional setup and other things that you will have to include in the rent.

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Let us see what you should know before you decide the place where you wish to bring your guests and make the first dance with your loved one:


As soon as you start searching for a wedding venue, you should talk with your fiancée because that way, both of you can determine things you would like to do. The idea is to write down and research online so that you can set up standard characteristics that you wish to enjoy afterward.

Numerous factors should be taken into consideration such as dates available, location, the proximity of the place of ceremony to the reception, setting, venue type, proximity to other guests, reception backdrop, ceremony backdrop, liquor license, and a lot more.

Ask the Right Questions

As soon as you determined the type of venue you wish as well as its features; you should start asking appropriate questions that will help you narrow your search. These questions can affect your overall budget, so you should interview each venue individually.

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The most important questions that you should ask are:

  • Is catering done inside or through other vendors, or you can bring your catering team in case that you wish to reduce the overall price?
  • Are there any restrictions when it comes to setup, end and loadout schedules?
  • Are there any restrictions on music?
  • What are possible fees such as rental, food and beverage fees as well as staffing, setup, overtime, parking, gratuity and damage fees? Should you pay tax for it, or the company you chose will do it instead of you?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • Do they have a sound system included as well as a wireless microphone?
  • Is there a bridal suite on site?
  • What type of furniture is included, and can you create custom and specific settings that include tablecloths, plates, napkins, and glassware based on particular request?
  • Is the lighting appropriate for all guests?
  • Do you need a generator?
  • Are there enough restrooms so that guests could enjoy without waiting? Have in mind that the industry standard is 50 guests per restroom.
  • Will there be other weddings on the same day or weekend, and how will that affect your plans and marriages?
  • Is the venue manager or coordinator included in the price, and what exactly do they do?
  • Is there a reason to purchase insurance?
  • Is there parking or valet?
  • Will public have access to this particular wedding, or it will be closed type only for your guest list?

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Make a Comparison

If you have a wide array of options based on the questions you asked, the idea is to organize a chart that will help you make an appropriate and viable comparison.

That will allow you to make sure that you have asked appropriate questions to each venue, and created an answer so that you can ultimately decide with your future spouse.

It is vital to make sure that you include a budget column with an estimated budget that will separate different venues and rentals as well as prices for various services such as generators, lightning and whatever else you wish to include in the ceremony and protocol you want to make.

The wedding is something that happens once in a lifetime, which is why you should make sure that you think through everything before you make up your mind. The budget and guest list should be the first factors you should include while you are narrowing your search.

It is simple as that.


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