One of the favourite possessions of a woman who also at the same time loves flaunting is jewellery. It has got that shine, sparkle, aura, charm and beauty that makes it so special and endearing for women. It is indeed mystical which tend to make a woman look beautiful and instantly oomph up she looks instantly on wearing. Different types of these beautiful items are available in the market given the latest trends and fashion.

Whether it is a statement necklace or solitaire rings or stud earrings, colourful bangles, each item has its own unique style as well as panache. As an individual, you can choose minimalist items or you can go for bold statements. The choices out there are endless and the selection is up to you. Jewellery and women go hand in hand and it is no secret that women adore it. Here are 4 types of the same that every woman should possess.

Statement necklace – If you are planning to make a big style statement with fewer adornments, then a statement neckpiece is the best choice you can go for. Various patterns of statement necklaces with colourful designs will give you a bold and fashionable look.

 Solitaire rings –These rings withstood the test of time as one of the best ways to propose a girl. Solitaire rings are now synonymous with engagement rings. However, as a piece of popular jewellery, even single women out there can buy one for themselves in the form of tungsten rings and thus give a poised look.

 Statement and diamond stud earrings – These pieces of silver earrings are the most happening earrings in the market right now. Statement earrings in the form of graphic earrings, designer earrings, chandelier earrings etc. can add to any outfit or look. Also, not every time you can go overboard with your sartorial choices. If you’re going to the office or some professional meetings, you need to keep your choices minimal. For such an occasion, diamond stud earrings are your best choice to keep it simple and attractive.

Cuff/bracelet – One alternative option in lieu of bangles are cuff or bracelets. It is the next best thing to go for. It gives your hand a striking look while at the same time also providing you with a minimalist aura.  

Apart from these, other options you can consider are pearl jewellery, linear earrings or even a classic bejewelled watch. There are a lot of options to choose from to suit every budget and pocket.