One of the favourite possessions of a woman who also at the same time loves flaunting is jewellery. It has got that shine, sparkle, aura, charm and beauty that makes it so special and endearing for women. It is indeed mystical which tend to make a woman look beautiful and instantly oomph up she looks instantly on wearing. Different types of these beautiful items are available in the market given the latest trends and fashion.

Whether it is a statement necklace or solitaire rings or stud earrings, colourful bangles, each item has its own unique style as well as panache. As an individual, you can choose minimalist items or you can go for bold statements. The choices out there are endless and the selection is up to you. Jewellery and women go hand in hand and it is no secret that women adore it. Here are 4 types of the same that every woman should possess.

Statement necklace – If you are planning to make a big style statement with fewer adornments, then a statement neckpiece is the best choice you can go for. Various patterns of statement necklaces with colourful designs will give you a bold and fashionable look.

 Solitaire rings –These rings withstood the test of time as one of the best ways to propose a girl. Solitaire rings are now synonymous with engagement rings. However, as a piece of popular jewellery, even single women out there can buy one for themselves in the form of tungsten rings and thus give a poised look.

 Statement and diamond stud earrings – These pieces of silver earrings are the most happening earrings in the market right now. Statement earrings in the form of graphic earrings, designer earrings, chandelier earrings etc. can add to any outfit or look. Also, not every time you can go overboard with your sartorial choices. If you’re going to the office or some professional meetings, you need to keep your choices minimal. For such an occasion, diamond stud earrings are your best choice to keep it simple and attractive.

Cuff/bracelet – One alternative option in lieu of bangles are cuff or bracelets. It is the next best thing to go for. It gives your hand a striking look while at the same time also providing you with a minimalist aura.  

Apart from these, other options you can consider are pearl jewellery, linear earrings or even a classic bejewelled watch. There are a lot of options to choose from to suit every budget and pocket.

Planning a wedding is a large task, especially because for many couples it is the first time doing so. If the idea of such a mammoth task feels overwhelming and you’re unsure on where to start, make these 5 things a priority and everything else will fall into place.

  • The budget

Before you decide on anything else, you must set a budget for your wedding. Your budget will determine a lot about the scale of your wedding day – the number of guests at both the reception and the ceremony, the venue, food and drink, entertainment, etc. all depends on how much you are planning to spend on the big day. Once you’ve set a budget, you can begin your research.

  1. The venue

Finding the right venue for your wedding day should take the top spot on your priority list. The venue is usually the biggest expense of the whole affair – expect to spend about 40-45% of your budget on the venue (bearing in mind that this usually includes entertainment and in-house catering). Common places to get married include churches, hotels, town halls, manor houses, schools, leisure centres and more.

A lot of wedding venues will be booked up months, even years, in advance, so you should secure your venue as soon as you have a rough date in mind. Ensure to take lots of visits to the venues you are interested in, and ask the venue manager lots of questions about in-house entertainment and AV systems, guest capacity, food and drink packages, and whether or not the venue itself has a wedding license. If it doesn’t you may choose to hold the wedding ceremony at one venue and the wedding reception at another. Splitting your wedding across two venues may impact guest capacity, and mean that the number of guests at your wedding ceremony is less than at your reception, which in turn may reduce the overall cost of your wedding.

  1. The wedding playlist

Music is arguably one of the most important components to any wedding. Get the music right, and you and your guests will have a day to remember.

You should aim to curate the perfect playlist for the wedding reception that will get your guests on their feet dancing all night long. It should include well-known upbeat songs so that people can sing along, as well as songs that are important to you and your husband or wife-to-be. The best playlists include musical peaks, where the music will gradually build in tempo over the course of an hour or two, to climax with a crowd pleasing anthem that will get everyone on their feet. After that song has finished, the mood should be dropped again to something more subdued to give guests time to refuel and chat with each other.

If you really want to ensure that your guests will get up and dancing, you should send out RSVPs that ask them to list a song that will get them on the dancefloor. Then, you will have a long list of songs that you know will go down a treat.

The decision many newlyweds-to-be grapple with is whether to opt for a DJ or a live band for their wedding day. There are pros to both: a live band will up the ante of the day and create a more intimate and lavish setting. A DJ, on the other hand, will have a vast catalogue of songs and genres and be able to create a party vibe with the help of audio visual systems. That being said, a top quality wedding music band is well equipped to switch between genres in the drop of a hat and recreate your favourite tunes. Ideally, if budget allows, you would have a live band to play during your wedding ceremony and throughout dinner, and a DJ to carry the party through the night.

  1. The menu

Food and drink is another important component to consider when planning your big day. Your guests will expect to be fed and watered throughout the day, so this could include canapes and horderves as well as a three-course lunch or dinner, followed by a selection of buffet food for guests to pick on as the evening grows long. Be sure to taste the food menu curated by the caterers before it is served on the big day, and ask your guests to provide their dietary requirements in advance.

Often, venues that host a lot of weddings will have in-house catering that will be included in the overall price you pay. Packages of this kind may even include some alcohol to be served with dinner, such as one type of red wine and one white wine. More likely, though, alcohol will be an added extra, so you should consider asking guests to buy their own drinks at the bar after dinner. This will save you a lot of hassle and a lot of money, as an open bar at a wedding can be dangerous on the purse strings.

  1. The attire

Another key building block that makes for a successful wedding is the right attire, aka The Dress. The all important wedding dress will be top of the list for many brides-to-be, and for good reason. Wearing a wedding dress is, for many, a once-in-a-lifetime affair, and so choosing the right one is not always an easy task.

It is also advised that brides find their perfect dress up to six months before the big day so that there is time for custom tailoring and readjustments. Leave it too late and you might miss out on your first choice.

Aside from The Dress, the other wedding attire you must think about includes the grooms’ suit and the outfits for the groomsmen and bridal party. This can get expensive, but you can cut corners by asking them to provide their own footwear and accessories.


Planning a wedding is an arduous task that involves lots of moving parts coming together. But if you can decide on your budget early on and quickly lock in your venue, entertainment, food and drink and wedding attire, everything else will fall into place. Good luck!

if you wish to find an appropriate wedding venue, the idea is to start searching, but it can be overwhelming. Most wedding couples already know where they want to get married, as well as some guests based on the specific budge.

It is vital to start visiting venues and check things such as liquor licenses, rental, staffing fees, additional setup and other things that you will have to include in the rent.

Falling in love is one thing, but finding a venue can be problematic, especially if you do not know where to start looking. We recommend you to check this particular link: so that you can learn more about a wedding venue that will help you enjoy all the way.

Let us see what you should know before you decide the place where you wish to bring your guests and make the first dance with your loved one:


As soon as you start searching for a wedding venue, you should talk with your fiancée because that way, both of you can determine things you would like to do. The idea is to write down and research online so that you can set up standard characteristics that you wish to enjoy afterward.

Numerous factors should be taken into consideration such as dates available, location, the proximity of the place of ceremony to the reception, setting, venue type, proximity to other guests, reception backdrop, ceremony backdrop, liquor license, and a lot more.

Ask the Right Questions

As soon as you determined the type of venue you wish as well as its features; you should start asking appropriate questions that will help you narrow your search. These questions can affect your overall budget, so you should interview each venue individually.

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The most important questions that you should ask are:

  • Is catering done inside or through other vendors, or you can bring your catering team in case that you wish to reduce the overall price?
  • Are there any restrictions when it comes to setup, end and loadout schedules?
  • Are there any restrictions on music?
  • What are possible fees such as rental, food and beverage fees as well as staffing, setup, overtime, parking, gratuity and damage fees? Should you pay tax for it, or the company you chose will do it instead of you?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • Do they have a sound system included as well as a wireless microphone?
  • Is there a bridal suite on site?
  • What type of furniture is included, and can you create custom and specific settings that include tablecloths, plates, napkins, and glassware based on particular request?
  • Is the lighting appropriate for all guests?
  • Do you need a generator?
  • Are there enough restrooms so that guests could enjoy without waiting? Have in mind that the industry standard is 50 guests per restroom.
  • Will there be other weddings on the same day or weekend, and how will that affect your plans and marriages?
  • Is the venue manager or coordinator included in the price, and what exactly do they do?
  • Is there a reason to purchase insurance?
  • Is there parking or valet?
  • Will public have access to this particular wedding, or it will be closed type only for your guest list?

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Make a Comparison

If you have a wide array of options based on the questions you asked, the idea is to organize a chart that will help you make an appropriate and viable comparison.

That will allow you to make sure that you have asked appropriate questions to each venue, and created an answer so that you can ultimately decide with your future spouse.

It is vital to make sure that you include a budget column with an estimated budget that will separate different venues and rentals as well as prices for various services such as generators, lightning and whatever else you wish to include in the ceremony and protocol you want to make.

The wedding is something that happens once in a lifetime, which is why you should make sure that you think through everything before you make up your mind. The budget and guest list should be the first factors you should include while you are narrowing your search.

It is simple as that.

In any wedding, the bridesmaid has an important role to play. The bridesmaid is usually a friend of the bride who assists the bride on the big occasion. The bridesmaid too needs to be well dressed and should match the bride in style and appearance. Shopping for the perfect bridesmaid’s dress needs careful consideration. Here is how it can be done easily.

Start with the price

Traditionally, bridesmaids pay for their own dress. The bride needs to keep this in mind while making a selection. The perfect dress to suit the occasion needs to be competitively priced as per the budget of the bridesmaid. It is not necessary to splurge on a dress for the bridesmaid. Well-priced bridesmaid dresses are available in the market. Price is something that must be kept in mind before the shopping starts.

Keep the bridal gown in mind

When shopping for bridesmaid dresses, you would also need to consider the bridal gown that the bride would be wearing. The bridesmaid’s dress must complement the overall look and style of the bride’s gown’s. Of course, it goes without saying that the dress of the bridesmaid should not overshadow the bride’s gown.

Choose the fabric and color

Choosing the fabric is a major part of the shopping exercise. Here’s where you need to take care that it coordinates with the fabric worn by the bride. Chiffon lace would be an ideal option. The color must also complement the bride’s dress. The color must go well with the skin color and tone of the bridesmaid. Dusty rose, Royal Blue, Ivory white, and even Chocolate color gowns and dresses for the bridesmaid would look good.

Shortlist options

Browse through fashion magazines to look at different options. Look at the various styles, designs, and colors popular in the market. This would give you a good idea of which dress would suit the bridesmaid. Once you are done with browsing, you can make a shortlist of a few options to choose from.

Consult the maid

While the bride may do the shopping herself, it would be always considerate to consult the bridesmaid to know her views. After all, she is the one who would be wearing the dress. Taking the bridesmaid along for shopping is always advisable.

Visit stores

Visit some of the popular boutique stores to look at various dresses. Here’s where you can actually see the dress and its fabric. Look at the prices and if possible have a trial of the dress to see how it fits. The dress should fit the wearer perfectly. Getting a too tight fit can make the bridesmaid uncomfortable. So, it would be best to allow the bridesmaid to choose the dress that fits perfectly and is comfortable.

Buy it

Before you buy, make sure you search bridesmaid dresses online. You can search for the dresses you saw at the store and buy the same type online, so you can get the best deal. Online stores usually offer the best price.


Choose the style of the bridesmaid dress to complement the bride’s gown. Look at various options and consider buying online to get the best deal.

When you think about a list of the most stressful things you will do in your life, for many people, planning a wedding is right up near the top of the list. In fact, it can be so stressful and intimidating that some people just skip the wedding all together and opt for eloping, simply because they don’t want to go through the planning stage.

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If you have recently become engaged and you’ve already started feeling pressure and stress about the planning, then you may be considering the benefits of a wedding planner. For many couples, they look at the cost of a planner and decide they don’t want to spend the extra money, but at the end of the day, a wedding planner can offer all kinds of advantages, even some money-saving ones. Here’s a look at the top reasons couples hire on a professional wedding planner.

They Take a Lot of Work Off Your Plate

Let’s face it, the majority of people lead very busy lives nowadays. Between work and social commitments, there isn’t always much in terms of free time. Planning a wedding requires a lot of time on your part; time to research venues, vendors, prices, décor, etc. What this means is that unless you’ve got hours and hours’ worth of free time available, wedding planning is going to be a real stress on your schedule.

The great part about hiring a professional wedding planner is that it becomes their job to look after all those time-consuming tasks. They do the research and fact finding and then just present you with the options.

Enjoy Cost Savings

If the budget is one of your top priorities when it comes to your wedding, then you will appreciate the fact that wedding planners can actually end up saving you money. They have existing relationships with vendors in the industry, they know where the “deals” are, and they will have better access to a wide variety of information. You can then take advantage of their business relationships and enjoy the cost savings.

Get Fabulous Ideas and Inspiration from Them

Planning the perfect wedding usually involves a vision, a theme, or some sort of overall concept. Now, because you probably haven’t ever planned a wedding before, it can be hard to come up with this vision on your own. A wedding planner can provide you with ideas, tips, inspiration, photos, and other elements that spark creativity. They can then ensure that vision is carried throughout all elements of the planning process.

Ensure the Wedding Day Goes Smoothly

Because you want to be able to enjoy your wedding day stress-free, a wedding planner can be an essential piece. They will be the one dealing with any and all issues on the wedding day, making sure that everything runs smoothly, the schedule is followed, and you get to have that dream day.

A wedding planner can be one of the most invaluable tools available to you when it comes to wedding planning and can turn a stressful event into something beautiful, relaxing, and of course memorable.

Thanks to God for making the most beautiful gender on Earth and hats off to the designers who create pieces to embrace her beauty. These pieces are profoundly known as lehengas. Feel highly privileged by owning a beautiful range of online lehenga suits. They are intricately made of quality fabrics, unparalleled creative ideas, weaves, designs and additional materials that make every piece unexceptional in the complete group.

This 2018, explore quirky women lehenga online range and save the best in your closet for the extra-special moments. From denim tops to quirky bottom adheres, these lehengas can be identified as the beauty transformers in the fashion world.

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Floral Dream

Going for a shopping in the mid of the Spring? Well, you should definitely go for this floral dream printed lehenga online. This type of lehengas is quite popular among the fair sex as they reflect the true emotion of the season and gel well with the feminine world. Let them fall flat on their knees with your single appearance by getting ready with floral printed lehengas. Wear this type of online lehenga suits with embellished peep toe heels.

A Tulle Layer

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Denim Inclusive Lehenga

Be the rockstar of your town by adhering denim made lehenga. Hop into this contemporary love of women and be the complete head turner of every event. If you feel comfortable in denim, then here is the chance of being super cosy with denim lehengas. These denims can come either in blouse style or as a jacket but they look awesome in anyways. Wear them with chandelier earrings and block heels to look complete and beautiful.

Pocket Style Lehenga

Check out the stunning style of pocket style lehenga from the aisle and be the ‘hot discussion’ of every event. These lehengas have a pocket either on the choli or on the lehenga skirt. But in either way, they create a stunning impression on everyone.

Get these brilliant pieces now to rock the world!

Christmas is upon us and if you haven’t already then you should probably get started on your Christmas shopping. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of what to buy people this year, we know that it gets harder as the years go on but we’ve got plenty of watches that will make the perfect Christmas present. Whether you need something for mum, dad, your partner or the children you can be sure that we’ve got something that will make their Christmas one to remember.

Mums do so much for us all year round so it’s always nice to buy her something special at Christmas to say thank you. Why not spoil her this year by treating her to a luxury watch? The Sekonda Seksy Bracelet watch is elegant and simple with encrusted crystals to give it that extra touch. This watch is also available with a black and pink face if you think your mum would like something a little different.

Spoil your dad this year with a watch that he’ll be able to keep forever, the Sekonda ‘Nightfall’ Chronograph watch, it’s got a black dial and a black leather strap and it really makes a statement on the wrist. He’ll love that fact that you’ve put some thought in to his present and that you’ve bought him something he can wear every day, you can’t go wrong with this watch.

Show your partner how much they mean to you this year with a watch that they are guaranteed to love. Whether it’s for your girlfriend, your fiancé, your boyfriend or your husband, you can be sure that they will be over the moon with your choice of watch.

For the women – Rose gold is going to be big in 2015, so why not buy her the Sekonda Quartz Semi Bangle Bracelet Watch in rose gold? It’s bang on trend and she’ll appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time to choose something that’s in fashion. Or, if you think she’ll want something that’s a bit bolder then she might like something from Daniel Wellington watches, such as the Classic petite Melrose which has a huge gold dial and is perfect for any lady who loves a bit of glamour.

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The kids
It’s important for your children to learn to tell the time from a young age, and what better way to teach them than with a watch they want. If you’ve got a Star Wars fan in the family then they will be more than happy with the Lego Quartz Kids Star Wars Boba Fett watchit’s fun and they can even create their own design by rearranging the Lego pieces. Or if you’re after something more girly then the Hello Kitty watches will go down a treat on Christmas day, check out the Hello Kitty Strap watch which is available in white, black and gold.

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Weddings should be events that are full of merry, where you are going to exchange vows with the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. However, there exists stresses and anxiety throughout the planning process, the day before the wedding, and the wedding day. Make sure you also arrange your wedding photographer – Inlighten Photography.

The bride wants her day to be flawless and memorable, everything has to go as planned. Expectations of the wedding day can drive you crazy if you are not well-informed or prepared well. Here are some tips for you as the groom to make sure the day is not a disaster:

  • Remember, the bride is the center of everything

It is all about your bride. It’s her day. Ensure that she is happy by helping her out. Support her and fix any mishaps that happen without necessarily informing her that they happened. She needs to be free from avoidable stresses, and you can help ensure that.

  • Be responsible during the night

Don’t let the men’s party get out of hand. Have some decency, and don’t intoxicate yourself with alcohol and drugs. Don’t ruin the wedding day with people’s stories about how you did unspeakable with a stripper or anyone else for that matter. Be a gentleman. The party should be the level of wild that is considered decent.

  • Choose the right best man

Choose the right man to stand with you. Of all your crazy friends, choose the right guy. You don’t want the best man to drive your bride nuts, and you certainly do not need a weird best man who makes the day an embarrassing one.

  • Plan the night before the wedding

Don’t be an impromptu kind of person. If you are always this kind of a guy, don’t be one in your wedding. Everything should be planned prior to the wedding day. Go over every detail the night before, and make confirmations.

  • Be punctual

The bride can afford to be late. You CANNOT! Avail yourself when you are needed. If it was planned that you show up at a certain time. Give yourself an allowance of at least 15 minutes early.

  • Speak your mind

If you have an opinion regarding anything, go on, say it. If it’s out there, you will deliberate on it with your bride. If she makes a decision afterwards, stick with it. This helps you release any tensions in the day.

  • Discuss the suit

Fill in your bride with what you plan to do regarding your suit. Is it a match up with the rest of the guys, or does it stand out? It will ease her mind and you will know what she thinks. Go with what she thinks.

  • Keep a checklist

Don’t memorize every to do thing in your schedule. Keep a checklist, and go through the list as you fulfil a task. Also, when time is seriously running out and everything hasn’t been done, it would be easier to follow only the priorities. Don’t stress the bride at all!

  • Don’t make surprises that the bride will not like

Many grooms always try to make pleasant surprises that stick with the bride and the guests for a long time. You will think, “Wow, this is a wedding that everyone will remember!” Well, people will remember it alright. Just make sure it is the kind of surprise that your bride would like. How you would know this? Well, you’ve interacted with her long enough to know what is good and what is not. Many surprises could just go wrong, way WRONG!

  • Write your speech

Don’t try to be a genius (even if you are one!). Plan what you are going to say, how you are going to say it. It will give you the confidence you need and reduce anxieties. Practice your speech and find ways to make it flawless later by being natural with your guests.

  • Have some time alone with your bride

During the day, take your bride aside for some personal time, even if it is 5 minutes. The day is so busy you will hardly meet your bride on a personal one-on-one level. Find out how she’s doing, reassure her, and encourage her.

  • Smile

There will be cameras clicking and flashing all the time. Those memories of the wedding day stick with you and the people that saw you. The mood of the wedding will stick with the photos. Smile, will you! You may later need to hang a photo or two in your house, frame others, and keep an album.

  • Talk with your guests

Don’t snub your guests by being aloof or by interacting with only a couple of people the whole time. Walk around, talk with your guests. Excuse yourself when you’re being kept around by one person for too long. Be lively with your people. Let the mood be happy for the entire day.

  • Let your wedding night be realistic

You are human. You get tired. You get disappointed. The wedding day is very tedious, with checking on everyone and everything to ensure things go as planned. This takes the whole day and drains both you and your bride of energy. Don’t outdo yourselves on your wedding night. Remember you’ll still be married the day after. Please go to sleep!

  • Be assertive about what you need

The biggest let-downs in weddings are people. People are always people, and they disappoint! Don’t expect everyone to RSVP, and when they don’t, they might show up and expect to be let in. Also, some people may take issue with you if not invited. So what to do? Be sure that what you and the bride need are all that counts. Let that be like a mantra for you. It is one day, a special day, do not let others ruin your mood and in turn ruin the wedding.  

Enjoy yourself in your wedding. Have an awesome wedding! Where to start planning your wedding and wedding styling ideas you might interested in reading

The sky is clear. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. You couldn’t possibly ask for a perfect day than this for your engagement photography.

As you get ready for, what’s meant to be your picture perfect day, remember to keep some things in mind before you get your engagement pictures taken.

  1. Choose Clothes You Feel Comfortable Wearing

Of course,you would want yourself to look nice. Then again, if wearinggowns is not something you would feel relaxed in, there’s no reason why you should force yourself to wear it for your engagement photo.

You can also keep the option of an outfit change. That way, you can get pictures where you are in your casuals and where you are dressed up.

  1. Don’t Think Too Much

When you overthink, your photos will come out looking staged and formal. You want to keep them fun and spunky.

When your photographer asks you about your preferences, don’t think in terms of what will look good in the pictures. If you and your partner’s hobby is reading, get some casual and natural photos with the two of you sharing a newspaper or a book. You can get some “casual” shots of the two of you holding hands and walking down the street, or sitting on the swings in a park. Your options are endless.

  1. Get Ideas From Your Surroundings

If you live near a park, or in a locality with beautiful gardens, you should definitely consider it as a spot to take for your stunning engagement photos. You see a stone pathway. Walk on it hand in hand. There’s a brick wall or building nearby. Use it as your backdrop.

If you already have a place in mind that means something to you and your significant other, don’t be afraid to share it with your photographer. This way, you will not only havepictures that are unique and beautiful, but they will also show your personal story.

In any case, your photographer must have ideas of beautiful sites you can use for your engagement pictures.

  1. If you don’t agree to it, just say no

At times, you might feel that your photographer is giving you ideas that do not reflect who you and your partner are. In such cases, don’t feelanxious to say no. There are times your photographer might suggest ideas that are too cutesy or cheesy for you. If that’s not something you feel comfortable with, you can’t be forced to do it just because it’ll look good in the pictures.

It could also be that you and your beau feel squeamish and uncomfortable with PDA. Just remember that you don’t HAVE to feel obligated to take such pictures. Just do what you feel comfortable with what youwish to do.

Your engagement shoot will turn out to be exactly the way you want if you follow your heart and do as you desire. After all, it’s your day.

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