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Weddings should be events that are full of merry, where you are going to exchange vows with the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. However, there exists stresses and anxiety throughout the planning process, the day before the wedding, and the wedding day. Make sure you also arrange your wedding photographer – Inlighten Photography.

The bride wants her day to be flawless and memorable, everything has to go as planned. Expectations of the wedding day can drive you crazy if you are not well-informed or prepared well. Here are some tips for you as the groom to make sure the day is not a disaster:

  • Remember, the bride is the center of everything

It is all about your bride. It’s her day. Ensure that she is happy by helping her out. Support her and fix any mishaps that happen without necessarily informing her that they happened. She needs to be free from avoidable stresses, and you can help ensure that.

  • Be responsible during the night

Don’t let the men’s party get out of hand. Have some decency, and don’t intoxicate yourself with alcohol and drugs. Don’t ruin the wedding day with people’s stories about how you did unspeakable with a stripper or anyone else for that matter. Be a gentleman. The party should be the level of wild that is considered decent.

  • Choose the right best man

Choose the right man to stand with you. Of all your crazy friends, choose the right guy. You don’t want the best man to drive your bride nuts, and you certainly do not need a weird best man who makes the day an embarrassing one.

  • Plan the night before the wedding

Don’t be an impromptu kind of person. If you are always this kind of a guy, don’t be one in your wedding. Everything should be planned prior to the wedding day. Go over every detail the night before, and make confirmations.

  • Be punctual

The bride can afford to be late. You CANNOT! Avail yourself when you are needed. If it was planned that you show up at a certain time. Give yourself an allowance of at least 15 minutes early.

  • Speak your mind

If you have an opinion regarding anything, go on, say it. If it’s out there, you will deliberate on it with your bride. If she makes a decision afterwards, stick with it. This helps you release any tensions in the day.

  • Discuss the suit

Fill in your bride with what you plan to do regarding your suit. Is it a match up with the rest of the guys, or does it stand out? It will ease her mind and you will know what she thinks. Go with what she thinks.

  • Keep a checklist

Don’t memorize every to do thing in your schedule. Keep a checklist, and go through the list as you fulfil a task. Also, when time is seriously running out and everything hasn’t been done, it would be easier to follow only the priorities. Don’t stress the bride at all!

  • Don’t make surprises that the bride will not like

Many grooms always try to make pleasant surprises that stick with the bride and the guests for a long time. You will think, “Wow, this is a wedding that everyone will remember!” Well, people will remember it alright. Just make sure it is the kind of surprise that your bride would like. How you would know this? Well, you’ve interacted with her long enough to know what is good and what is not. Many surprises could just go wrong, way WRONG!

  • Write your speech

Don’t try to be a genius (even if you are one!). Plan what you are going to say, how you are going to say it. It will give you the confidence you need and reduce anxieties. Practice your speech and find ways to make it flawless later by being natural with your guests.

  • Have some time alone with your bride

During the day, take your bride aside for some personal time, even if it is 5 minutes. The day is so busy you will hardly meet your bride on a personal one-on-one level. Find out how she’s doing, reassure her, and encourage her.

  • Smile

There will be cameras clicking and flashing all the time. Those memories of the wedding day stick with you and the people that saw you. The mood of the wedding will stick with the photos. Smile, will you! You may later need to hang a photo or two in your house, frame others, and keep an album.

  • Talk with your guests

Don’t snub your guests by being aloof or by interacting with only a couple of people the whole time. Walk around, talk with your guests. Excuse yourself when you’re being kept around by one person for too long. Be lively with your people. Let the mood be happy for the entire day.

  • Let your wedding night be realistic

You are human. You get tired. You get disappointed. The wedding day is very tedious, with checking on everyone and everything to ensure things go as planned. This takes the whole day and drains both you and your bride of energy. Don’t outdo yourselves on your wedding night. Remember you’ll still be married the day after. Please go to sleep!

  • Be assertive about what you need

The biggest let-downs in weddings are people. People are always people, and they disappoint! Don’t expect everyone to RSVP, and when they don’t, they might show up and expect to be let in. Also, some people may take issue with you if not invited. So what to do? Be sure that what you and the bride need are all that counts. Let that be like a mantra for you. It is one day, a special day, do not let others ruin your mood and in turn ruin the wedding.  

Enjoy yourself in your wedding. Have an awesome wedding! Where to start planning your wedding and wedding styling ideas you might interested in reading


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